The Cuff

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Beautiful hand cuff with a detachable ring.

There are small magnets keeping the cuff together.

The ring is fitted with a spring and an opening and is very easy to attach and detach with one hand for maximum security.

Mikuta tip:

For the ultimate look mix and match with other bangles ♡

The Cuff comes in two sizes: standard and large.

Inner diameter 56mm / width 2cm / thickness 4mm / weight 125g
Inner diameter 63mm / width 2cm / thickness 4mm / weight 158g

Model wears size standard.


How to pick the right size?

If you already have a cuff or bracelet with the perfect fit, measure it by taking a ruler straight across from edge to edge, and measure the inside diameter in mm. Check our sizes to pick the right size (standard or large) for you!

Made of stainless steel (grade 316L).
Made in Germany.
How to keep The Cuff beautiful and long lasting:

The magnets that hold the cuff together are the only part sensible for corrosion - to prevent magnets from corroding, please avoid contact with water.