The Bangles

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Traditional handmade silver-look bendable (not stretchable) Venda bangles made of Aluminium from South Africa. Comes in 10 pieces.

They come in two sizes: S/M & M/L.

Since they are handmade the size can vary and every bangle is unique. With time and usage the bangles get softer and more shiny. 

I've been wearing mine for years and they have become more and more beautiful with the time ♡

Mikuta tip:

For the best result mix them with your other bangles for a better hold and a messier look ♡

S/M is circa 60mm (inner diameter)
M/L is circa 65mm (inner diameter)

The bangles are supposed to sit a bit loose. They are bendable/ flexible in shape and easy to put on (they do not stretch)
Material: Aluminium
Made in South Africa.
Can be worn in water.
The Venda bangle come from the VhaVenda people from Venda in South Africa. The bangles are original crafts of the VhaVenda people and originally started two centuries ago by the Venda men who wanted to impress their women of their village to look beautiful and royal. If the woman was not married she would wear one bangle as a sign of proposal and if the woman was married she would wear many, both on arms and ankles.

The Venda culture is based on royalty and creativity and is ruled by a traditional King. They have three different tribes with its own king but all three are ruled under one king. The Venda people moved from Central Africa to now called South Africa near Zimbabwe and formed their own kingdom called Mapumbugwe which is now a traditional heritage, later the Venda people moved and formed their own country called Venda within the South African borders, which unfortunately later got destroyed by the white people. The Venda people are now part of the South African nation but are living under the Venda or Vendaland.

The bangles are still a skill passed on from generation to generation and made by both men and women of working age and is now a cultural symbol and has become an economic tool for the communities of Venda.

Our support helps fund their project to continue their cultural, social and business development for the young and old generation of Venda and South African.