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Get more insights about Jacqueline's Christmas tradition! She prepared for you a story about her typical Christmas day! Be ready for the Christmas mood.

My Christmas tradition

Hello loves and happy holidays! Finally it’s Christmas time, the cosiest time of the year! I hope you’re all enjoying and having a cozy time with your loved ones!

 I love traditions, specially when it comes to Christmas, I thought it would be fun to share with you how I usually celebrate. Since I’m from Sweden we celebrate on the 24th and we always get together with family and friends ♥

We already start decorating at home on the 1st of advent, the Christmas tree comes up and we start baking saffron buns, gingerbread cookies and put up all the Christmas candles.

On Christmas Day we always wake up in the morning and drink hot chocolate, eat saffron buns and watch a christmas movie

After a cozy and lazy morning we get ready, dress up for the day and at 3pm we have some mulled wine, gingerbread cookies and sit down together and watch Donald Duck and his friends. Almost everyone in Sweden watches this at the same time, it’s a 1h mix of different short movies from Disney, and it’s always the same. It’s so funny how we all watch it over and over again, but it’s been on TV every Christmas since 1958, so it’s a big and very important tradition!

After Donald Duck we start preparing the food, and at 6pm we sit down all together and eat. For christmas we always eat the same thing, its a table full of various dishes that we also eat during easter and midsummer. The dishes consists of potatoes, herring, cheeses, meatball, sausages, beetroots, casserole and the Christmas ham! For dessert we eat rice porridge where we hide an almond, and the person who gets the almond has to tell a rime at the table.

After dinner, when we have chilled a bit, we go and dance around the christmas tree, everyone holds hands and dances around the tree singing songs. After that we sit down and Santa Clause comes and gives out the presents from under the Christmas tree. In the evening we play games, eat chocolate and nuts and to end the night, the ones who manage to stay awake watch a cozy christmas movie!

On the 25th we either stay in our pyjamas the whole day and eat the rest of the Christmas food or we go hiking in the mountains, depends on the weather Let's see how this Christmas Day turns out!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Lots of love xx Jacqueline

see you tomorrow! ♥

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