Bonjour Paris! The city of love, wine and croissants! Like for many of us Paris has a special place in our hearts, may it be a dream, an experience or just the thought of the romantic scenery that makes this city so special. Here at MIKUTA we love Paris and get inspired over and over with every visit. The architecture, the lifestyle and of course the street style!
Like the famous quote says - Paris is always a good idea! It really is, take a little weekend trip for inspiration, culture, to just walk through the city, sit down for a coffee and watch the inspiring street fashion, go for shopping or for good food and wine with your best friend or your loved one. That's why we have put together this story with some of our Paris looks with the latest MIKUTA collection and some tips of our favourite places to visit. 
Let's take a look and walk down the streets of Paris together!

The first thing we pack in our suitcase for a winter weekend trip in Paris is a cozy sweater, it's versatile, works with any look and perfectly cuddly when you  walk around discovering the city. This knitted sweater is oversized with extra long sleeves which makes it more fun and special and easy to style. Wear it with a little skirt and boots or our coated black jeans to let the sweater speak for itself.


We are very inspired by the romantic Rock'n'Roll energy in Paris and would never go there without a biker jacket and something sparkly for the late nights out starting in the small, crowded outdoor bars followed by an exciting gallery opening or underground concert. We bring The Sparkly Linen Dress and The Leather Jacket, it's simple yet edgy and can be combined with other pieces in the weekend suitcase.


Weekend trips might be hectic, but we like to take some time to relax and wind down, may it be in the hotel room or a slow start with a coffee and croissant at a cute café. We brought some of our loungewear which are perfect to sleep in or to wear under the rest of your clothes to stay extra warm during the long days. We also brought The Long Knitted Cardigan which can be used as a robe for the cozy mornings or as a jacket out on the streets. 


Time to hit the streets again! One of our favourite things to do in Paris is to just walk around and discover places on the way, no stress, no hurry, just letting the city lead the way. What better piece for a comfy walk? A comfy pair of jeans! We brought our new coming jeans, The Straight Blue Jeans, they are straight and cropped with a light blue wash that fits great with any color and for any occasion. Matched with a cozy knit like The Dark Knitted Sweater you're good to go and wander around to find new favourite spots in the city! 


If the weather is nice, take a long walk along the Seine on the north side. It's a long and beautiful walk next to the river where you'll pass by historic buildings, little cafés and you can sit down by the water with a coffee or a glass of wine if you end up by the open-air container bars by Invalides or along the way! 

We brought The Long Knitted Sweater which is easy to wear over leggings or denim or barelegged if the weather allows! Wear it with The Leather Jacket when its chilly and you have a relaxed yet dressed up look for a romantic afternoon by the Seine.


New day, new adventures! We go for a long and relaxing brunch after all the walking around and wear something comfortable! The Faux Shearling Hoodie is the perfect hoodie jacket with soft faux shearling inside the body and sleeves, keeps you warm and cozy the whole day on any adventures.

It's our last evening in Paris and were off hitting the streets and a nice dinner. To stay warm the whole evening we brought The Dark Chunky Scarf which is super fluffy, cozy and extra long. It matches perfectly with The Dark Knitted Sweater, Coated Black Jeans and The Leather Jacket, an all black look with a rocky yet sophisticated vibe, perfect for a chill dinner in one of the Parisian hidden streets.
Thank you Paris for this time, we can't wait to be back and discover new places and things to see. Are you feeling a trip to Paris? The city is so big and there are so many places to visit, but here is a list of our favourite places to eat, shop, sleep or visit:
  • Luisa Maria Pizzeria on 12 Rue Monsieur le Prince, a cozy Pizzeria in Odeon close to Saint Germain with incredible Pizzas and wine. It has a nice interior but extra nice to sit outside with candlelights when its warm enough. 
  • La Marine restaurant on 55 Bis Quai de Valmy, next to canal Saint-Martin close to Republique. It's a classic but cozy bistro. They have a nice outside area for summers, a nice inside bar for winter evenings and a very romantic candle light atmosphere inside for dinner. Don't forget to try their Bearnaise with some fries! 
  •  Hotel Grand Amour on 18 Rue de la Fidélité, a beautiful, romantic and rock'n'rolly hotel next to Gare de L'Est. They have small but charming rooms, perfect for a weekend trip to Paris. If you don't stay there for the night, go for brunch or dinner at their restaurant and cute patio. It's also a nice place for a drink in the evening or any bars walking down the energetic Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis.
  • For shopping walk around Le Marais and you'll find a lot of nice shops, coffee places, museums and bars.
  • If you want a real Parisian dinner don't miss to try out Les Bouillons, the prices are affordable and food is yummy! The queues are normally quite long but the french experience is worth it! They have several restaurants around the city, so pick the one closest to you :)

Hope you like our little Paris story and hopefully get inspired for another dreamy getaway! 

Lots of love xx 




  • Jayne

    Hi, I love this. I love that you are selling a lifestyle with the clothes to match. I have never been to Paris. I love your write up and that you have taken the time to list recommendations of places to visit.

    I hope that you will write similar articles in the future with the clothes from the Mikuta shop to match.

    Thank you, 😊

  • Jana

    Bei diesem Beitrag bekommt man direkt Lust auf Paris! Einfach schön

  • Sonia

    La falda negra de piel parece es de tu colección ?

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