Hello loves, it's Jacqueline here, founder or Mikuta, and I thought I'd give an insight of my summer favorites.
It's hot, vacation time and time to relax! I spend most of my summers on Mallorca where I grew up and have my family, so naturally this island is one of my favourite go-to places to relax, enjoy the beach and wander around Palma in the hot summer nights. 
During summer I like airy and quite loose fitting clothes, it's so warm so I like to stay comfortable but still good looking, therefor most of our pieces are just like that - comfy, airy and loose! 
I've put together a post with my favourite pieces I bring in my suitcase during my vacation, pieces for all kind of occasions and that I can wear over and over.
Let's check them out and maybe get inspired for your next trip, wherever you go these pieces always work!

One of my top favorite is The Blue Denim Shorts. They are comfy, has the perfect vintage blue color and super versatile which works with any tops I bring with me. I like to wear them with The White Linen T-shirt which is another summer favourite, oversized and airy thanks to the breathy linen. For the colder evenings I like to wear it with The Striped Long Sleeve, stripes and denim always works. They all make cool and casual looks for any occasion during my trips.

Discover The Blue Denim shortsThe white linen t-shirt & The Striped Long Sleeve

The Long Chill Dress is a new summer piece which we just launched, it's just like its name, very chill! It's the perfect dress to bring in the suitcase for those days when you want to dress up going for a beautiful dinner, a summer party or a nice lunch by the sea, without being too dressed up. We added some fun symbols on the print which brings some extra happiness and smiles :).

Discover the long chill dress
Another set I always bring with me is the launch wear, The Ribbed Tank Top and The Ribbed Shorts. Normally I bring the leggings too, but it's too warm right now for them so they sadly had to stay at home. I love all the colors but right now I'm really into the green ones because of the calm and dreamy shade. I wear it in the morning drinking my coffee, waking up and chilling in the patio. The shorts are also perfect to wear under our Short T-Shirt dresses or just with The Linen T-shirts. We are just launching new colors of the loungewear, so stay tuned ♥
Discover The Ribbed Loungewear

Let's not forget about the T-Shirt Dresses, they share my top favourite place with The Denim Shorts. I wouldn't go anywhere without one of the long and short T-shirt dresses. Best thing about them is that they work everywhere, big cities, beach towns, at the country side, etc etc. 
In spring and fall I wear them with sneakers or boots and The Leather Jacket or The Denim Jacket, and in summer I wear them with flip-flops or sandals and a cesta bag. The Sparkly Linen dress is also always packed for those evenings when I want to sparkle a little extra.
All of them work and that's why I love them so much. These always come with me wherever I go!
We also just launched the T-shirt dresses in new colors.
Discover The Long T-shirt DressThe Short T-Shirt Dress & The Sparkly Linen Dress


I wouldn't go to Mallorca without The Beach Towels. Klemens and I have one each, the grey and the pink, and bring them with us everyday to the beach. I love the little pouch that comes with the towel where I keep all my small stuff so they don't get lost in the beach bag. I also bring the towel handy when I travel, using it as a blanket when it gets chilly. 
The jewellery always come with me as well, but in the hand luggage! I can't be without the jewellery which complete all the looks all year around. 
Discover the beach towels & The Jewellery

That's all! These are my favourite all-rounder MIKUTA pieces that I pack for my vacation. Always ready for any occasion with a comfy summer touch ♥
Which are your favourite pieces to bring? 
Lots of love xx


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  • Marie


    I’m agent in Belgium in Luxemburg for shoes and clothes.
    I’m looking for a new challenge and I really love your brand 😊.
    it would be for me a pleasure to sell your brand in the belgian shops!
    So if you think I can mean something nice for you , we can meet each other and talk about it .🌸
    I’m looking forward to read you in return.

    Have a nice evening!
    Kind regards, Marie

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